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Outdoor Gear Australia is a 24/7 e-commerce business with our office based in Western Australia and our international shipping warehouse is based in Portland, Oregon (USA)We are 100% Australian born & bred and privately owned by the founders of the business: Jenny & Andrew Stuart. OGA is now an International on-line business.

Having been involved in the outdoor industry since the early 80’s, Andrew has always been involved in youth development from a very early age. His professional career includes having previously worked for three Local Government Authorities (LGA’s) as a Community Development Officer (Youth Focus), as well as a community development consultant in Community Safety & Crime Prevention. Andrew has also supported numerous not-for-profit community-based organisations throughout Western Australia.  

With nearly 40+ years of experience in both the youth development and outdoor adventure industries, Andrew has been employed in several positions including: leading extended 15-day wilderness expeditions with 'at-risk' youth, abseiling instructor, training outdoor leaders & youth workers, white water rafting & river guiding, and also working in the field of wilderness-adventure therapy. In the distant past, he was employed at UWA as a Laboratory Technician in human reproductive biology research, also in the employment & training industry as a Client Manager, as well as a Youth Worker in a short to medium term residential-based youth facility.

Andrew held a position on the Board of Trustees for the WYLD Trust (WYLD Camps Project) for nearly 25 years in Western Australia, of which he was one of the original founding Trustees and also the Project Manager. The WYLD Camps Project has been one of the most successful and the longest lasting wilderness-based adventure therapy youth program that has survived in Western Australia to date.

Outdoor Gear Australia’s Business Priorities:

Our business goals are simple: “To provide our clients with the very best outdoor gear available from around the world, at the very best price possible.”  Quality gear does not have to cost an arm and a leg. 

Our business priorities are somewhat different than most of the larger retailers:

1)  Our first business priority will always be, to meet or even exceed our client’s needs and expectations of good customer service;  

2)  Our second priority will be that where products are currently in stock, that all purchases will be shipped within 24 to 48 hours of an order being placed;  

3)  Our third priority is that all items listed on our website include FREE SHIPPING*, no matter where you live within Australia.


We Don’t Sell Crap Gear on Our Website
Outdoor Gear Australia only supplies recognised ‘quality’ outdoor adventure gear and equipment carefully selected from all around the world. We currently supply campsite operators, school expeditions, community groups, not-for-profit organisations, individuals and families throughout the whole of Australia.

Yes, we do sell to our International customers however, you will first need to e-mail us to determine if we can supply our products to your country. If you prefer 'not' to use the PayPal checkout option, you can also choose the EFT (bank transfer) option at the checkout point. If your organisation or school requires a copy of our Order Form or an Invoice this can also be done, just e-mail us first to discuss your needs.

We attempt to source, stock and sell only the best quality gear that is available on the International market. If you want something special that is not itemised or available on our website – simply e-mail us at: and enquire if we can get it in for you and if we can give you the best quote that you have received on the same product elsewhere – make sure your other quotes include the shipping costs, as ours will always include FREE SHIPPING* Australia wide - no matter where you live.

* Excludes ‘Heavy Freight Shipping Items’ as clearly identified on our website