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  • 6 x Pack
  • Best, Worst, First Thumball (4")
  • Virtues & Values Thumball (4")
  • Emotion Mania Thumball (4")
  • Who Are You Thumball (4")
  • People, Places & Things Thumball (4")
  • Move Your Body Thumball (4")

Adventure Therapy Pack - Thumballs

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Adventure Therapy Pack - Thumballs (4")

These high quality, soft, stuffed, soccer-style balls are safety tested, easy to toss & catch and are pleasing to the touch. Thumballs will engage your clients, start conversations and are great for stimulating memories.

Toss, catch (or roll), look under your thumb and answer the question. You can find lots of fun ways to incorporate these into your daily program or group sessions.

When bodies move, learning improves; where listening grows, collaborations flow; creativity is ignited, participants get excited; communication is enhanced, social skills advance; a Thumball celebration...come join the conversation.

This Pack of 6 x Thumball's Contains:

1 x Emotion Mania - Thumball (4")

1 x Virtues & Values - Thumball (4")

1 x Best, Worst, First - Thumball (4")

1 x Move Your Body - Thumball (4")

1 x People, Places & Things - Thumball (4")

1 x Who Are You - Thumball (4")

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  1. Absolutely love the Thumball range from Outdoor Gear Australia

    Posted by Audra M. (QLD) on 12th Jul 2014

    "I have absolutely loved the Thumball's from Outdoor Gear Australia! They are incredible tools, especially for working with young people or groups that are difficult to engage. They are great for icebreakers and promote self-reflection, storytelling, and creative thinking. The tactile nature of Thumball's is great for some of the young people my colleagues work with who are nervous to participate in group discussion as it gives them something to feel and look at as they speak. Staff and clients have loved the Thumball's so much that we have to keep ordering more as the word spreads because everyone wants them now! I highly recommend this resource."

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