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Adventure Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice

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Adventure Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice (1st Edition)

The evolution and history of adventure therapy, as chronicled in the second chapter of this book, well demonstrates how far this field has evolved from a “divergent therapy” into an efficacious form of therapy that engages clients on cognitive, affective, and behavioural levels. 

Adventure Therapy is written by three professionals who have been at the forefront of the field since its infancy. The theory, techniques, research, and case studies they present are the cutting edge of this field.

The authors focus on the following:
• the theory substantiating adventure therapy 
• illustrations that exemplify best practices 
• the research validating the immediate as well as long-term effects of adventure therapy, when properly conducted.

This book is the leading academic text, professional reference, and training resource for adventure therapy practices in the field of mental health. It is appropriate for a wide range of audiences, including beginner and experienced therapists, as well as graduate students. 

Paperback:  399 pages

Publisher:  Routledge; 1 Edition (2012)

Product Dimensions:  229 x 152 x 22 mm

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About the Authors

Michael A. Gass, PhD, is a Professor and Coordinator of the Outdoor Education Program in the College of Health and Human Services at the University of New Hampshire, and a licensed marriage and family therapist.

H.L. “Lee” Gillis, PhD, is Professor and Chair of Psychological Science at Georgia College, and a licensed psychologist.

Keith C. Russell, PhD, is a Professor in the Recreation Program at Western Washington University. 

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Editorial Reviews

“This is the most relevant, important, and salient contribution to the practice of Adventure Therapy in two decades. This is a timely step toward professionalism and congruence with more accepted mental health practices.” - Tiffany Wynn, Prescott College, Arizona, USA, and Director, Adventure Based Psychotherapy & Ecopsychology Concentrations, Arizona, USA

Adventure Therapy masterfully weds a half-century of rich clinical practice with well-reasoned theory and promising research. The editors have skilfully woven a convincing, exciting, and visionary fabric of support for an intervention that has been shown to be life changing.” - Gary M. Burlingame, Past-President (2011) & Fellow, Division 49, APA, and Brigham Young University, Utah, USA

“This is a necessary resource in the newly developing and burgeoning field of adventure therapy. It clearly outlines how to ethically and competently use adventure based therapy and is a must-have in all practitioners’ libraries.” - Janice DeLucia-Waack, Buffalo, New York, USA 


Most Helpful Customer Reviews:

By:  Assoc For Natural Psych

“This is an excellent read, with much valuable, unbiased, authoritative, and well-researched information, that can be of much value to mental health professionals, as well as to educators, who, in most scenarios, will have dealings with challenged youth. Challenged youth include those in trouble with the law, drug and alcohol abuse, youth who have experienced trauma in one form or another, or those who having difficulty socially integrating (not a complete list, but a framework). Adults can also benefit from AT, including those in the prison population.

I would highly recommend this book. I participated in one of the schools mentioned here, the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, and it was a somewhat challenging experience, and did have therapeutic value, although it was not necessarily physically as challenging as one might expect. The book provides a detailed history of the development of Adventure Therapy (AT), discusses in-depth, the history and structure of such well-known organizations as Outward Bound, and details the path of organizations that followed and preceded, the roots of which go back to the 1800s in Upstate New York, and New England.

Also, there have been deaths from dehydration, boating accidents, etc., controversies over inadequate training of some staff or some schools, which may have contributed to such deaths; there is one controversial school of thought which uses an "in-your-face," marines, or boot-camp approach; the leaders of one camp were found guilty of serious sexual abuse. The controversial aspects of AT, then, are not glossed over.

The writing style is easy to read, modest, informative, and honest. Additionally, the various organizations and literature associated with the (AT) movement are given due consideration as well. The book is directed towards professionals, including mental health professionals, and also including mainstream school administrators who might be interested in incorporating some form of adventure therapy in their field trip curriculum, and provides excellent background information and guidance.

Parents who might consider any number of the main-stream camps and services in the (AT) community, will also greatly benefit from the information here. Administrators and educators involved in alternative education schools, residential programs, and substance abuse counselling also would benefit from information here. (AT) does not necessarily follow the Outward Bound model of 26 days in the wilderness, but can be incorporated on a day-trip model weekly, monthly, or even on an occasional or single outing. This literature can give parents and caregivers ideas in self-help based on the AT model.

This is highly recommended and provides a stimulus towards adjunctive therapy, as well as possibly primary therapy for a variety of challenged youths and adults.”


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