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Famous Quotes Overheard Recently

Famous Quotes Overheard Recently “Leaders are not born, they are groomed and mentored. Leadership skills can be learned, but self-appointed leaders are rarely the leaders that we want.”  DAMIAN OGDEN, Founder & Executive Director, Campaign Action & Obama Campaign Adviser “Personal responsibility,” Dr Thomas said, “are the two most important and yet damaging words in health discourse. [...]

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HOT SALE: The North Face Daypacks

HOT SALE Items  ::: TNF Daypacks Current clearance SALE on stock to make way for the 'new' awesome The North Face daypacks, backpacks and clothing. Check out these crazy daypack prices:

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HOT SALE: High Altitude Leadership (Hardcover)

    HOT SALE: High Altitude Leadership (Hardcover) What the World's Most Forbidding Peaks Teach Us About Success "Leadership is often a risky, lonely role possessing nearly unbearable lows and fleeting highs. Despite this emotionally and intellectually draining roller coaster, a handful of leaders deliver stunning results, with great consistency. They push past current leadership trends in order to achieve [...]

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