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SAFETY & RISK MANAGEMENT SERIES: Flying Fox Attachment – Preventing Falls

 Safety & Risk Management Series:  Flying Fox Attachment – Preventing Falls (Source: WorkSafe Australia)What's Wrong with the Picture Above? - No, it's not just her long hair!In recent years incidents have occurred where a person fell from a flying fox ride, resulting in serious injury. The cause of incident was an operational failure in the attachment [...]

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Huge 'New' Cave Discovered in China

Enormous Cave with Its Own Weather System Discovered in ChinaWhile the official Wonders of the World are certainly nothing short of astounding, the recent discovery of an enormous cave system in China could be set to blow them all out of the water. A team of 15 expert cavers and photographers recently made their way [...]

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On-Line Business: More Australian’s trust online retailers that ever before

   On-Line Business: More Australians trust online retailers that ever before The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that Australian business received an estimated $146 billion in internet orders in the 2010-11 financial year, a 22% increase on 2009–10.   In fact, a large part of what’s happening is that more Australians are online (both as buyers and as [...]

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Famous Quotes Overheard Recently

Famous Quotes Overheard Recently “Leaders are not born, they are groomed and mentored. Leadership skills can be learned, but self-appointed leaders are rarely the leaders that we want.”  DAMIAN OGDEN, Founder & Executive Director, Campaign Action & Obama Campaign Adviser “Personal responsibility,” Dr Thomas said, “are the two most important and yet damaging words in health discourse. [...]

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HOT SALE: The North Face Daypacks

HOT SALE Items  ::: TNF Daypacks Current clearance SALE on stock to make way for the 'new' awesome The North Face daypacks, backpacks and clothing. Check out these crazy daypack prices:

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HOT SALE: High Altitude Leadership (Hardcover)

    HOT SALE: High Altitude Leadership (Hardcover) What the World's Most Forbidding Peaks Teach Us About Success "Leadership is often a risky, lonely role possessing nearly unbearable lows and fleeting highs. Despite this emotionally and intellectually draining roller coaster, a handful of leaders deliver stunning results, with great consistency. They push past current leadership trends in order to achieve [...]

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