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Communication - Thumball (6”)

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Communication Thumball (6”)

Throw the Communication Thumball around your training group circle, catch it, then look under your thumb and share your answer or experiences!

Share your reaction to whatever prompt lies under your thumb. Thumball™ is a soft 6" stuffed ball pre-printed with 32 statements that has LOADS of interesting applications for meetings, training, and employee relations.

Explore the most effective ways to communicate by discussion of what works and what doesn't.

With this one-of-a-kind Thumball, teams can discuss what techniques and behaviours foster positive outcomes and also those which lead to misunderstandings and poor communication in relationships.

Facilitation Tips:

This Thumball contains two types of prompts:
The Silver prompts represent effective communication techniques. The challenge with these is to explain why this method is effective and/or give an example of when and how it worked.
The Purple prompts reflect what NOT to say or do. The challenge is to explain why it inhibits good communication and share a more appropriate or more effective approach.

Communication Thumball: Do's & Don’ts 

Do - Explain why it works or give an example
1. Ask clarifying questions
2. Acknowledge problems
3. Repeat what you heard
4. Listen actively
5. Make eye contact
6. Take notes
7. Politely disagree
8. Say, "Yes, uh huh, I see."
9. Rephrase what you heard
10. Check for understanding
11. Take your time
12. Count to 10 if you're angry
13. Appreciate criticism
14. Ask them to repeat until you understand
15. Shut up and listen
16. Acknowledge emotional reaction
17. Let them vent
18. Get the big picture, then the details
19. Listen for what's unsaid
20. Celebrate or sympathize accordingly

Don't - Explain why it's a pitfall

1. Roll your eyes
2. Multi-task during conversation
3. Nod without listening
4. Use unfamiliar acronyms
5. Dominate the conversation
6. Interrupt
7. Rush the conversation
8. Say "No" without explanation or apology
9. Give unwanted advice
10. Finish the person's sentence for them

Create an experience of shared communication and make learning fun. 

Other 6” Thumball designs also available in this series include:  If You Were A, Session Openers, What If...?, Stress Management, Customer Service, Getting To Know You, Ice Breaker, Which Are You and Why?, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Debriefing, Create-Your-Own Thumball and also many of the other smaller 4” designs.

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