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Emotion Mania - Thumball (4")

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Emotion Mania - Thumball (4")

Black and White 4" Thumball.  Having fun acting out emotions with facial expressions & body language. Share life experiences with friends & family or even school group settings. Throw it, catch it, respond to the panel under your thumb.  This is a GREAT tool for younger children to learn emotional intelligence skills!

More than a simple ball. Thumball™ Emotion Mania promotes social skills, development and emotional intelligence. A playful approach to expressing feelings. Discuss words to describe emotions. Inspect images of our mascot "Shnoogie" with different expressions. How is he feeling?  Kids have fun making faces expressing different emotions.

Printed on each panel of your Thumball™ are words like, kind, tired, shy, worried etc. Toss it in your hands or another player, read what is written on the panel beneath your thumb.  Answer for yourself or ask another player the question. For example, for the word kind, you could tell the group about a time someone showed you kindness, there are so many ways to play!

For players to improve emotional intelligence for knowledge & usage of 'feeling' words:

  • recognise different words & facila expressions on the Thumball.
  • imitate facial expressions & identify corresponding life situations associated with them.
  • identify different reasons for feelings of wellness.
  • act out each word through body language & facial expressions.

Seventeen Examples Include:

"Brave"   +   "Stressed"   +   "Relieved"   +   "Loved & Loving"

"Silly"   +   "Jealous"   +   " Disappointed"   +   "Thoughtful"

"Joyful"   +   Curious"   +   "Worried"   +   "Embarrassed"

"Lonely"   +   "Defeated"   +   "Tired"   +   "Hurt"   +   "Shy"

 Thumballs develop essential communication skills for long life learning and social development.

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  1. Absolutely love the Thumball range from Outdoor Gear Australia

    Posted by Audra M. (QLD) on 12th Jul 2014

    "I have absolutely loved the Thumball's from Outdoor Gear Australia! They are incredible tools, especially for working with young people or groups that are difficult to engage. They are great for icebreakers and promote self-reflection, storytelling, and creative thinking. The tactile nature of Thumball's is great for some of the young people my colleagues work with who are nervous to participate in group discussion as it gives them something to feel and look at as they speak. Staff and clients have loved the Thumball's so much that we have to keep ordering more as the word spreads because everyone wants them now! I highly recommend this resource."

  2. great for day centre

    Posted by Sandy on 13th Dec 2012

    we bought some of these balls for our adult day centre, lots of fun and get's people talking and interacting with each other.

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