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  • Flying Fox wire rope cable (11mm)
  • A roll of wire rope cable can be very heavy to ship - we can provide you with a quote for the cost of shipping
  • (close up of gal thimble + the swaged alloy ferrule)
  • Large rolls of wire rope cable (eg. 100M - 150M) may often require a pallet to be shipped which will incur an additional 'Heavy Shipping & Handling' fee

Flying Fox Wire Rope (Galvanised) 11mm

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Flying Fox Wire Rope Cable (Galvanised) 11mm

We can provide you with a roll of Flying Fox wire rope for you to build your own flying fox or even for your kids backyard zip line project.

If you want some help with getting your wire rope organised, we are happy to arrange and even deliver (together with all your other gear & equipment) a coil of wire rope for you. For rigging your own Kids Backyard Zip Lines (20M - 40M) or even a much higher Flying Fox ride (50M - 100M+) our 11mm galvanised wire rope would be more than adequate.

For those much longer Flying Fox construction projects, we would recommend the 12mm (or even larger gauge) galvansied wire rope is used. Most of the pulleys we stock can be used on wire rope up to 12mm and we also have a couple of pulleys that can be made for 13mm - 19mm cable, if required.

Our most common request from customers is that we mechanically swage a heavy duty thimble (see picture above) measured to whatever length of cable you require, or we can do this on both ends) for you, for a small addional fee. These mechanically pressed swage ferrule's are actually 'stronger' than the wire rope itself. We also stamp each wire rope with a WLL* rating for you. Alternatively, we can leave one end cut, as some people prefer to use the three or four wire rope grips on this other end for an alternative rigging connection method.

A lengthy coil of wire rope is very heavy - this is why we will provide you with an invoice for this product seperately from the remainder of any other products that you may order. We can also advise you of an estimate on the Heavy Shipping & Handling costs involved in shipping this product around the Nation. For really large coils of wire rope (eg. 100M - 150M coil) often a pallet may need to be used to ship this over to you, and it doesn't come cheap. For example recently a 150M spool of wire rope shipped to QLD cost $377 just for the shipping fees, plus the cost of the wire rope & fittings.

* Working Load Limit


  • 11mm Flying Fox wire rope cable.
  • Wire rope ends can be completed with a H/D galvanised thimble eye inserted in one (or both) end, and terminated with a swaged alloy ferrule.
  • We generally apply some Heat Shrink wrap to cover over the swage fitting and the wires poking out of the ferrule.
  • 11mm wire rope cable rating: min breaking force is approx. 76kN (the WLL* is typically 1.48T)

Many of our customers build their flying fox with either of the following two basic rigging styles:

  • Galvanised Eye Bolt (threaded) drilled straight through the tree (Yes, we do sell long 610mm auger drill bits), backed-up with a safety wire rope strop also around the tree, together with the 20mm Turnbuckle (galvanised) to 'tweek' the angle and also to de-stress the wire rope by backing it off a few turns during seasonal changes. This also allows the rigging to rest between runs, as well as any seasonal changes. Typically a flying fox wire rope cable will stretch slightly more in summer.
  • The other method is to basically wrap a wire rope strop around the tree (you will need to ensure that you fit a method to stop the wire sliding down) with a ferrule swage & h/d gal thimble on each end of your short wire strop - connect this to your wire rope cable length with a recommended rigging connector. (Note: You must ensure proper tree protection where the cable runs around the bark - otherwise you will ringbark the tree and potentially kill your anchor!). Adding the 20mm Turnbuckle into your rigging system also gives you the above-mentioned benefits.

* This product is custom made and also carries an additional 'Heavy Shipping' fee (see this category section on this website)


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