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  • 6" Thumball - Getting To Know You

Getting To Know You – Thumball (6”)

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Getting To Know You –Thumball (6”)

“Toss it. Catch it. Share your reaction to whatever prompt lies under your thumb”

Throw the ‘Getting To Know You' Thumball around your group circle. Catch it, look under your thumb and share  your reaction to the question or statement whatever lies under your thumb. This unique Thumball™ is a soft 6" soft training ball with loads of applications!  It's a "toss-up" as to which ball will stimulate more fun and learning!  32 panels with various questions. Group activities can include: individual responses, you could conduct a group poll, sharing by pairs & even trios, and so much more. This 6" Thumball has been specially custom-designed by Trainers Warehouse.


  • Get people of all ages learning, talking & sharing about their 'fun' stuff.
  • For conversation starters, icebreakers, energizers.
  • Aids team building & training reinforcement for activity leaders.
  • Processing question panels help facilitators create an experience of shared communication & learning by experience.
  • Getting To Know You Thumball looks like a cool small soccer ball & has numerous questions that purposefully allow you to customize to your own groups requirements, activities & individual needs.
  • The questions prompt deeper conversations and helps facilitators with ‘connecting’ team members in group activities, given the opportunity.
  • Creates a kinetic exercise that is "spot on" for your training needs.

10 x Example Questions include:

  • The most difficult thing you've ever done?
  • Least favourite mode of transportation
  • A new skill you’d like to have (with no effort)
  • An experience that made you a better person
  • One item on your bucket list
  • Something you did that got you in trouble
  • A turning point in your life
  • What you most value in a friendship
  • Favourite form of exercise
  • Your claim to fame
  • Plus many more...

Everybody loves our Thumballs – trainers, campsite activity leaders, outdoor education facilitators, counsellors, parents, kids, team leaders, school chaplains, managers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, artists, athletes and even astronauts*.

* Astronauts may need to spin their Thumball instead of tossing it.

 (imported into Oz from the USA)

* Our price includes FREE standard shipping Australia wide

Product Videos

Using Thumballs as Icebreakers in Meetings and Classrooms 01:33 - Thumballs are designed to improve communication in training sessions and meetings. The handy tools are fun for facilitating icebreakers or discussions about best business practices. We at Trainer’s Warehouse understand how hard it can be to come up with creative methods for increasing employee engagement. Whether you’re trying to help people get to know each other using icebreakers or to get feedback from everyone about best business practices in the field, our thumballs are designed to improve group discussion skills. As interactive training tools and conversation starters, thumballs are a lively way of getting everyone’s attention and input. Easy to use, thumballs are covered in questions and topics. The thumball is simply tossed to people in a group. Whoever catches the ball must discuss whichever topic their thumb lands on. This is a great way for people in training or meetings to get comfortable while meeting each other. At the same time, the best business practices thumballs can be used among people who already know each other but need a little help to stimulate creativity and get involved in a focused work discussion. Check out each of our handy thumballs, including the customizable options:

  • Using Thumball... - Thumballs are designed to improv...

Product Reviews

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  1. Absolutely love the Thumball range from Outdoor Gear Australia

    Posted by Audra M. (QLD) on 12th Jul 2014

    "I have absolutely loved the Thumball's from Outdoor Gear Australia! They are incredible tools, especially for working with young people or groups that are difficult to engage. They are great for icebreakers and promote self-reflection, storytelling, and creative thinking. The tactile nature of Thumball's is great for some of the young people my colleagues work with who are nervous to participate in group discussion as it gives them something to feel and look at as they speak. Staff and clients have loved the Thumball's so much that we have to keep ordering more as the word spreads because everyone wants them now! I highly recommend this resource."

  2. Getting to Know You Thumball

    Posted by Natasha Drumgold on 5th Feb 2014

    Great product!

  3. Great Service!

    Posted by Margo Lockhart & Associates (Vic) on 17th Jul 2013

    Thanks - that is great service. You have been very patient. I look forward to using the Thumballs with my groups. Margo

  4. Love these Thumball range of products

    Posted by Tarra Hanson (Vic) on 11th Jul 2013

    We purchased a whole bunch of these Thumball products for our school and they have been very well received by both the students as well as the staff. The concept is so simple and yet so effective. I must say, that we were also very impressed with your fast customer service as well as your packing and shipping department - it must have taken ages to literally 'build' that packing box they all came delivered in, many thanks! EXCELLENT PRODUCTS

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