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  • LightSpeed Micro Tandem Pulley (excellent for 11mm Wire Rope)
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Head Rush 'LightSpeed' Micro Zip Line Pulley (Wire Rope)

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Head Rush 'LightSpeed' Micro Zip Line Pulley (Wire Rope)

Top of the Range for Kids Backyard Zip Lines

It may look small, but don’t underestimate the Head Rush ‘LightSpeed’ Micro Zip Line Pulley. This pulley is very durable and lightweight. Its compact design puts a zip line rider's weight forward during braking impact, keeping the sheaves on the zip line cable (wire rope) and keeping the safety back-up carabiner in place - which ultimately means less wear on your cable.

The LightSpeed Micro would have to be one of the smoothest rides that we have seen in a very long while, certainly a better quality ride than any of the cheaper zip line pulleys. Manufactured by Head Rush Technologies (USA) this quality tandem pulley feels incredibly ‘solid’ both in the hand and up on the wire. We love the characteristics of this fast pulley and in all of our tests, this little unit comes up 'first' every time!

This high-end Tandem Pulley is the answer when it comes to short-run (low to the ground) backyard zip line projects and is also well suited for use on challenge ropes course elements. Even younger kids can be trained how to use these safely for home use on their backyard zip line. Fitted with stainless steel wheels these are suitable for use on both wire rope cable as well as rope.


IMPACT BRAKING COMPATIBLE: All Head Rush Pulleys are designed for impact braking with a durable front impact surface that increases the life of both the pulley and your brake system.

HIGH SPEED: Each zipline trolley features four sealed, industry-rated bearings to make these the fastest compact trolleys available. The LightSpeed Micro is rated for running speeds up to 75 mph (although, obviously not recommended).

MADE TO LAST: The LightSpeed Micro Zipline Pulley is made with a high-strength, tempered aluminium alloy that is extremely durable yet lightweight. It’s rugged enough to withstand impact braking without unnecessary bulk. High quality bearings also extend the lifespan of this trolley.

FORWARD DESIGN: (Patent Pending) – their forward design puts a rider’s weight toward the front and keeps the trolley on the cable, creating the smoothest ride. With most pulleys, the forward momentum of the rider causes the front sheave to lift off the line and the back end to drag. The design prevents this and means longer lasting equipment and less wear & tear on your wire rope cable.


Dimensions: 123 mm x 90 mm

Weight: 360 grams

Rated Working Capacity: 15 – 150 kg

Cable Diameter: 10 mm ≤ ø ≤ 12 mm

Manufacturer: Made in the USA 

BOTTOM LINE:  “It’s an affordable option for zip line operators looking to provide a fast, smooth ride. The Head Rush Micro Zip Line Pulley is rugged enough to withstand impact braking without the unnecessary bulk.

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