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Important Facts about Wood Products


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Many of our products are hand-crafted out of natural materials for their educational and environmental value, natural aesthetic qualities, and personal enjoyment. Routine visual inspection is required (esp. in children's day care centres, pre-primary centres, community centres, etc.) and may also require the occassional sanding, re-coating, or bolt tightening which is recommended to ensure wooden items are kept in the best and safest condition and to also extend the overall useful life of the item.  

Where indicated on the product's webpage description, items can arrive with an initial application of a weather sealant or a coating that has already been applied for you. Either an annual or a bi-annual re-application is always recommended for the products longevity. If you would like some further advise with this, please don't hesitate to ask one of our friendly team members (see below).

As natural wood resources age and acclimate to changing climates & seasons, you will notice graining, knots and checking (a natural cracking process that occurs as wood releases moisture across annual growth rings) as show in the above photo. Should this natural process result in any splintering or a rough surface over time, simply sand the area, re-coat it and return it into use. Also, all wooden resources will naturally develop a beautifully silvery-grey colour over a period of time. Observing wood's natural colour change and ageing is a valuable part of children's understanding and connection with nature.

Each item's exact dimension and colour appearance will vary due to the natural uniqueness of the wood from which is was hand-crafted. The final 'colour' of any of our wood products (esp. Western Red Cedar items) will naturally vary between batches of timber shipped to us all the way over from British Columbia, Canada.  


You will notice and hopefully also appreciate the reality of nature's colour variations in timber, is also a whole new and exciting key learning point for children too. Therefore, if you have any preference of colour lightness or darkness of the wood products, please discuss this with our friendly staff 'before' your products have been shipped off to your centre.

There are many and varied treatment and wood sealant options that we use to extend the life of your Nature Playscapes product such as Teak Oil, Nature's Timber Oil (Intergrain), AquaDeck, Decking Oil (weather guard), or various other wood sealants. Our craftsmen use different applications for different products. Some are oil based and others are a water-based oil. We use a lot of Intergrain's products because they are made from 98% naturally derived and sustainable raw materials, they are made for Australian Conditions (high UV) and have a long-term high performance.

In rare cases, as items continue to dry and acclimate to your local environment, there is always a chance that a mould discolouration may appear. Routine sanding and ensuring the item is installed on a surface with adequate drainage (eg. mulch, sand, gravel, etc.) will reduce the potential for mould growth. Installing timber products on any grassed surfaces may allow moisure to be trapped underneath the product and is not recommended. Should mould occur on any of your Nature Playscapes items, please contact a specialist for a quick and easy removal recommendations and to see what other options are appropriate and safe in your particular area.


Outdoor Gear Australia through our Nature Playscapes program is dedicated to children's education and safety. All of our products and resources are field-tested by experienced staff members prior to becoming available as a product item on this website.  Most items that are hand-crafted, such as zip line seats, wooden tables, storage boxes, instruments, even our zip line ramps, are done so by trusted professionals who share our mission to re-connect children with nature.

All our natural resources are crafted out of wood and other materials sourced from all around the world, and these are carefully selected for it's functionality, safety and long-term durability.

If you have any questions or you would like some more information about a particular product that you would like to order, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail.  We are more than happy to discuss things in more detail with your centre staff, or we can send you any additional information required.

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