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Nature Playscapes


ant-logo-s-.jpg Nature Playscapes - designing & building your own Kids Backyard Zip Line

We provide the following support services to families who wish to:

  • Design & construct their own kids backyard zip line.
  • Consultancy, design, construction/maintenance of Nature Playscapes and 'Kids Backyard Zip Lines'.  
  • Supply of high quality gear & equipment for families, schools, community groups & campsites who wish to construct their own nature-based outdoor play facilities.
  • Just one of our specialties is the 'inter-changable' Nature Playscapes modules, that can be swapped around in your nature playscape - keeping your area fresh & always changing with 'new' things to play, swing & climb on.

Nature Playscapes - design & construction plans are available for purchase from Outdoor Gear Australia - enquire today!

Just a couple of EXAMPLES of the Demo Concept Sketch Plans that the Kids came up with...


































 and this is WHAT THE KIDS finally settled on...



For more examples and if you wish to discuss your own concepts and ideas for your own Nature Playscape give us a call, or email us at: