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  • Stop Bullying Thumball (4")
  • Empathy Thumball (4")
  • Virtues & Values Thumball (4")
  • Resiliency Thumball (4")
  • Self-Control Thumball (4")
  • Personal Strengths Thumball (4")
  • 1 x Thumball Carabiner Connectors

Stop Bullying with Empathy 6-Pack - Thumballs

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'NEW' Stop Bullying with Empathy 6-Pack - Thumballs (4")

Are You Working with Students Who Regularly Display Challenging Behaviours – Particularly Bullying?

After many years of research*, the number one problem that many parents, carers, teachers, school chaplains and child psychologists deal with on a daily basis still remains the same: managing children’s challenging behaviours. This especially includes Bullying.

There are many concerns about responding appropriately and professionally to children’s maladaptive coping behaviours especially when it comes to bullying. This includes the victims as well as the instigators.

Effectively, this also includes changing children’s perceptions of what constitutes challenging, disruptive or offensive behaviours ranging from mini-temper tantrums to rage-out-moments, from inappropriate attention-seeking behaviours to deliberate rule-breaking, disobedience or even ODD.

The Thumball creators have made six particularly interesting Thumballs that strengthen verbal communication and social skills, emotional intelligence and hand-eye coordination. Participants respond to prompts under their thumb around the closely associated topics of Bullying, Empathy, Resiliency, Self-Control, Personal Strengths & Values and discussions may include just some of the following:

  • What a student can say to a bully.
  • What it feels like to be bullied.
  • What are the results of bullying and how bystanders can help.
  • How to encourage student to discuss how to ‘stand in someone else's shoes’.
  • How to develop good listening skills and make skilful statements to others as they experience any number of emotions.

This unique product pack from Outdoor Gear Australia offers a fun and interactive way to discuss a serious topic that affects many students. These ball games can encourage students to talk openly about how bullying affects them and also others at their school.

Each of these six different Thumballs offers a fun way for students to openly discuss the topics of empathy, bullying and resiliency which affects them personally, socially and even academically. Empathy, self-control, personal strengths and values training should also be a fundamental part of any anti-bullying program.

When students learn to better understand and appreciate the feelings and perspectives of others, they become less likely to be bullies themselves, and more willing to reach out to any of their peers who might be a victim of bullying.

Thumball's can be useful tool in counselling sessions by school chaplains, guidance officers and school psychologists.

This Unique Pack of 6 x Thumballs Contains:

1  x  Stop Bullying – Thumball (4”)

1  x  Empathy – Thumball (4”)

1  x  Virtues & Values – Thumball (4”)

1  x  Resiliency – Thumball (4”)

1  x  Self-Control – Thumball (4")

1  x  Personal Strengths – Thumball (4”)

1  x  Thumball Carabiner Connector (1 unit)

Our Price: $215.95* (imported into Australia from the USA)

* Our price includes FREE standard shipping Australia wide


* Current Research on this Topic:  Bullying,  Bullying - How do Victims Respond to Bullies & Why?,  Children Who Bully & other Relationships,  Bullying at School Linked to Bullying at Home Poor Parenting/Overprotection Increases Bullying Risk,  On-line or Off-line its Still Harmful Being Bullied in Childhood/Youth May Lead to More Arrests, Convictions & Prison (2013),  Children's Social Goals Helps Determine Response to Bullying.


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  1. Absolutely love the Thumball range from Outdoor Gear Australia

    Posted by Audra M. (QLD) on 12th Jul 2014

    "I have absolutely loved the Thumball's from Outdoor Gear Australia! They are incredible tools, especially for working with young people or groups that are difficult to engage. They are great for icebreakers and promote self-reflection, storytelling, and creative thinking. The tactile nature of Thumball's is great for some of the young people my colleagues work with who are nervous to participate in group discussion as it gives them something to feel and look at as they speak. Staff and clients have loved the Thumball's so much that we have to keep ordering more as the word spreads because everyone wants them now! I highly recommend this resource."

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